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UX/UI Design 

Planning and Strategy
Visual Design

Isma'il Shomala, Group Head
Naomi Ogunderu, Product Design

Vanessa Nwabiani, Marketing
Abdsamad, Marketing

2021 - 2023

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Gomoney was experiencing a high drop-off rate during user registration process, indicating potential user experience issues hindering new users from onboarding. 

The goal was to identify these pain points, optimize the process, and enhance user engagement to increase conversion rates. The problem involved bringing in key stakeholders and cross-functional teams from the early stages of the project to foster collaboration on the approach to the design and implementation of the solution.



We scrapped the old onboarding flow. Previously, users could only upgrade after they had fully signed up and gained access to the app. We included the upgrade flow as part of the onboarding process, building momentum with a beautiful walkthrough to immerse customers in what to expect. This cleverly reduced the churn rate.


A user-centric design process

An amazing product experience is only possible with a solid technology solution backing it and by working closely with the people who will use the product. By collaborating closely with users and various stakeholders, such as development teams, we were able to juggle countless challenges and create a strategy that wouldn't strain the technology while still managing to ship the most lovable products.


"I had the pleasure of working with Ahmad on various projects to enhance our UX design. Ahmad helped guide the team to see the value of UX design and user testing. He also assisted the team in generating outstanding results while with us."

Isma'il Shomala - Group Head


A better onboarding look and feel

The friendly tone and simple UI convey the straightforward service Gomoney offers. The 3D illustrations introduced add a subtle casualness and create a sense of a frictionless experience, freeing users from overthinking before making decision and making the platform more friendly. The design takes away the hassle of interacting with local banks and align with the goal Gomoney Bank, which is to simplify banking experience.

Screenshot-2024-04-14-at-4.09.35 AM


We achieved remarkable outcomes — our monthly app downloads soared to over 14,000 plus, accompanied by a stellar rating of 4.5. Additionally, there was a significant 47% increase download on iOS devices, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies. Furthermore, our efforts led to a notable improvement, with a 36% reduction in daily complaints received. 

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