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Mariam Adekanmbi, Business Lead
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Businesses cannot meet the high collateral conditions from traditional banks, which forces them to source credit from loans sharks that are charging ridiculous monthly interest and not helping their business in any way to pay back the loan.

Mezovest directly addresses these inefficiencies in the credit value chain while also providing businesses a platform and tools that will allow them seamless manage their day to day transactions and pay back their loans.



Mezovest prioritizes smooth business operations to ensure loan repayment. I designed a platform for small businesses to manage day-to-day transactions seamlessly, focusing first on delivery and then on vendor-customer interactions. I prioritize features based on vendor feedback to create solutions that allow easy business management. This strategy assesses business performance before granting loan access.


Aligning on the customer journey

By addressing the challenges faced by small businesses and brainstorming potential outcomes, we gained clarity on what to expect in terms of onboarding our users. I planned the design direction and the expected solution to be delivered. The goal is to design a platform that can significantly improve day-to-day business operations for small businesses in Nigeria.


Business facing design overview

With intuitive navigation and clear visualizations, user can easily monitor key metrics such as sales performance and customer feedback in real time. This enables our user to make informed decisions quickly, resolve dispute, adjust offerings based on popular demand or optimizing delivery to minimize costs. Additionally, features such as real time notifications keep our user informed of important updates, empowering them to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

Adding Product

Vendors can easily upload product and it will automatically display on the mini commerce site design for ease of selling.


Balance & Insights

Providing a quick glance into vendors business for ease of management. We took out unnecessary information to avoid overwhelming them.


Order Management

Order management feature for vendors, that they can use to sort orders based on the status of that order.


Customer facing design overview 

The goal of the front shop is to help people browsing through the vendors product go through it fast, select their desired items, and place orders without unnecessary delays or confusion. Features such as quick access to cart, streamlined checkout processes, and personalized recommendations will enhance efficiency and facilitate faster decision-making. Additionally, seamless integration with payment methods, delivery tools and real-time order tracking will ensure a smooth and hassle-free selling experience for our vendors.


"We aimed to design a digital experience that genuinely aids small businesses in their growth journey, offering something distinct. Ahmad showed us what is achievable and assisted in translating the complex product idea into a simple and intuitive user experience."

 Mariam Adekanmbi - Business Lead


Decision behind some of the design

Crafted with the customer in mind, I introduced a heavy-weight, distinct iconography that can be easily recognized by the user. The approachable tone, simplicity, and straightforward interface facilitate quick decision-making for our customers. I ensure the removal of redundancy in interactions to guarantee a seamless experience, catering to less savvy users. The goal is to create a design that resonates with users, designed specifically with their needs in mind.



By addressing these challenges and implementing the proposed solutions, the platform can significantly enhance the onboarding experience for small business and entrepreneurs. This leads to increased user engagement, improved financial transparency, and more accurate assessments of business health. Ultimately, the platform can better support loan applications and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.

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